Leveraging Lunar Energy for Success - Full Moon Ritual

August 16, 2019

You may be feeling an energetic shift as people are wanting to get things done and move forward on projects that were previously at a standstill. My friends and I started feeling it yesterday and expect the supportive energy to remain through the weekend. This ritual is for you if you're feeling ready to take decisive action towards your dreams! 


Today's full moon allows us to release old patterns and call in our next evolution so that we may be in alignment with our life's purpose or our Highest Self. 


The following is an easy ritual I'm planning on doing tonight in order to harness the Moon's energy in support of my goals and releasing that which no longer serves me. Each step is critical because when the old is removed we create space to practice the emotions we want to feel and install habits to support our self-actualization. If this is your first time honoring the lunar cycle to support your goals, don't worry, I've listed step by step instructions you can follow to guide your efforts and have kept the woo-woo talk to a minimum!






- Think about the BEST VERSION OF YOU IN 10 YEARS - daydreaming encouraged! 

- How does that version of you FEEL? 

- How does that version of you LOOK? 

- Who is around you celebrating life's milestones?



- Write list of the habits that are currently holding you back from achieving your highest potential

- Examples: procrastination, running late, going to bed late, skipping meditation, not setting boundaries


- Write list of the habits that if you could install tomorrow would absolutely get you closer to becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOU

- Examples: I want to feel healthy, empowered, brave, courageous, vulnerable, and calm. I want to eat greens and practice yoga daily. I want to go to bed earlier so I can wake up refreshed.



Acknowledge yourself for focusing on becoming a better human/parent/spouse/sibling/daughter/son/friend - you do this by speaking to yourself in a non-judgemental tone out loud, it's critical that your body hears your voice saying it and then saying that your intention is to release patterns that no longer serve you or the highest good

- In a safe and controlled environment, burn the list with the old emotions/habits that no longer serve you

Give yourself permission to imagine YOUR future self, seamlessly executing the good habits you've installed 

- Set a timer for 3 minutes and imagine how it's going to feel to do the things you put on your list of desired habits

-When the 3 minutes are up, journal from your future SELF perspective, really revel in the warm fuzzies and joy you and your tribe feel


I acknowledge you for being brave and curious in support of your growth! I remember the first few times I did something like this I didn't want anyone to know because it seemed so weird! That's totally normal and totally fine - you can always connect with me and I'll cheer you on or answer any questions you have as you explore new levels of consciousness and awareness.  

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Leveraging Lunar Energy for Success - Full Moon Ritual

August 16, 2019

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