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Healing Into Our Epic Greatness

Hoy and Tomorrow is the first Latina Personal Development Show! The talk show is a platform for multicultural communities to learn, grow, and expand our positive, social and economic impact.

The hosts, Maribel Serrano and Veronica Estrada, were both raised in Los Angeles, are first generation Americans and the first in their families to graduate from college and successfully pursue the American Dream.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence has led them to have major personal and career breakthroughs. The show is a discussion about the lessons our struggles have to teach us and how to move through the darkness to heal into our epic greatness!

Hoy and Tomorrow Talk Show Episodes

Hoy and Tomorrow Talk Show Episodes

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Ep. 50: Let's Talk About Machismo S5 E10

Ep. 49: OUTTAKES! Period Talk: Go With the Flow S5 E9

Ep. 48: Period Talk: Go with the Flow S5 E8

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