Veronica is always positive, encouraging, & focuses on your best interests. She has a very unique capability to be able to guide you to a better & more successful future. I really loved that she would open up at times to relate to you in a way that made you feel safe and that you are not a failure.

Honestly, there were some days that I was emotionally exhausted & I wanted to reschedule but I decided to push through & was always so thankful because she completely changed my mindset so I left the session so excited and motivated! Veronica thoughtfully listens to you & goes above and beyond as a Life Coach. For example, she encouraged me to see my therapist again for areas she felt I needed more healing in. After reaching out to my therapist she wanted to know what we were focusing on so she was able to work in conjunction. Also, I shared with my MFT (who has a B.S. in Family and Child Development from Virginia Tech) what Veronica and I were working on and she was extremely impressed that she incorporated these very specific worksheets that helped you get past your mind blocks or fears.


My biggest takeaway was realizing that you have more power than what you think in many situations. The ability to let go of what you cannot control and the power you have in controlling yourself and not allowing others to control you. This completely changed my mindset to be a more mindful, positive, and loving person.


Most importantly Veronica helps you to strive for exemplary behavior during challenging situations which I've been able to successfully practice. Now I am able to respond in a more mature manner instead of letting my emotions take over. This has been by far the best investment I have made and I have truly changed for the better.

Paris Marks, Executive Compliance Officer in Construction Industry

Working with Veronica is an investment in your life - family, business and romantic verticals. With the help of Veronica, I've been able to identify triggers, observe thoughts of fear and doubt without attachment and find my epic greatness! Every phone call with her brings me clarity and helps unlock my growth potential. I highly encourage you to embark on a journey of growth with Vero - it has been my metamorphosis.

Veronica creates a judgment-free zone where she makes it easy to be vulnerable and get deep with my thoughts and feelings. The environment she creates is integral to identifying core issues that I need to work with. She leans in to listen and understand what's at the root of my issues, always helping me find clarity and a stronger perspective.

My biggest "aha" moment was being able to let go of resentment towards my family members and being able to truly forgive and finally, let go. This has strengthened my bonds with my mother, sister and my friends and has helped me feel more authentic, free and loving.

This work is perfect for people seeking self-development and entering the stage of "awareness" - a stage where you're willing to put in the work, let go of unhealthy habits and learn how to navigate your thoughts to reach your epic greatness.

Lisette Torres, Director of State Government and External Affairs at a Fortune 500 Company

Life Coaching is a journey of personal growth & self awareness of your mind, body and soul. It's getting to know YOURSELF at a level where you control the energy you want in your life and understand what needs to be done to achieve your ultimate happiness. Overall, the thing that I like the most is that, she as the Coach, helps you to discover a better version of yourself.

I appreciate the fact that she truly listens & genuinely cares about giving you the tools & tips to grow and change the habits that are holding you back. I really appreciate the follow up she gives on your progress and how she's always stressing how important is to express gratitude to yourself. 


My biggest takeaway was becoming aware of what my body is telling me & understanding what my reactions mean. I listen to my body and emotions and treat myself with so much love ever since.


Personally, I started because I know that I don't want to live an ordinary life, I want learn how to be happy and grateful and connected to the universe. So I would say that this work is perfect for everyone who is looking to live a meaningful life and wants to break those habits that always push them away from doing what they've always wanted to do.

Diana C. Recinos, Sales Business Analyst at National Spirits Distribution Company

Veronica has helped me work and grow through some of the most challenging events of my life. She introduced me to meditation practices and affirmations that I still incorporate in my self-care routine to this very day. I am forever grateful for her guiding me on focusing inward to find my voice and help me navigate life with clarity. I’ve applied these practices in both my personal life and career.

The biggest realization I had was that I have the power to change the trajectory of my life. It gave me my power back and I no longer felt lost with a victim mindset. Working with Veronica is all about shifting your focus inward for personal growth.

This work is good for anyone who feels they need some clarity in life, are dealing with a life changing event, or and just looking for some personal growth/development work to reignite their fire.

Vanessa R. Torres, Vice President at a Fortune 100 Company