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The Alchemy Retreats

by Vero Estrada

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When we intentionally devote time to our healing and personal development the Universe takes note and delivers magical results.

The ATL Alchemy Retreats are an opportunity to cultivate deep joy and happiness. They are an energetic and time commitment to your personal healing & evolution.

Oct 21, 2023, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
Vero's Town House,
Atlanta, GA 30318, USA
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You deserve a day to fill your cup &

Allow yourself a half day to be pampered, relaxed and receive inspiration from self-love expert, retreat host and life coach, Vero Estrada. This thoughtfully curated event is the perfect break from your to-do list, responsibilities and stress. You'll leave feeling relaxed, inspired and ready to take charge of your life... but in a more loving, confident, gentle and positive way than ever before!

What to Expect


You arrive to Vero's home and are welcomed with an energetic cleanse* upon entering the space. She will use Sage or Eucalyptus bundles to help release any negative energy, stresses and allow your mind and body to settle into relaxation & receiving mode. This is YOUR day!

Please let Vero know if you're not comfortable with this before the event starts.

Mix, Mingle, Meditate

With like-hearted individuals while you enjoy fresh fruit, charcuterie, tea, kombucha, cold pressed juices, or infused water.​ Gift Bag Presentation. Guided Meditation + Breath Work.


After the meditation we will take a short refreshments and bathroom break. We will connect with each other as we prepare to learn during Vero's Interactive Workshop


Clarity with Vero

Vero's interactive workshop focuses on how to better navigate life's ups & downs by shining a light on the tools we each have at our disposal. It will be an inspirational presentation on how to invite more ease and joy regardless of outside stress. You'll have an affirmation/thought to practice embodying more confidence, self-love and happiness during the sound healing and after the retreat!

Sound Bath by TayLang

Tay Lang, Certified Sound Therapist & founder of Dear Life Chat, will lead a conversation about the importance & power of sound healing before you get to relax in the Zen Den and enjoy a 30 minute sound bath. After the group session you'll have the opportunity to step into her custom-made sound bowl for an unique and individual experience. Vero will provide guidance on what to do and think if this is your first sound bath experience!

HeartySnacks & Closing

To close the event we'll enjoy Salvadoran pupusas, homemade chili, and other nourishing bites and drinks after the sound healing journey. 

About Vero

Vero’s life, professional experience and intuition has led her to create these events and companies. She combines pragmatic, habit-based practices & transformational tools rooted in science with ancient spiritual practices. Whether you’re about one or the other or both, you are welcome to participate! Just know that Vero is about BOTH the spiritual life and the pragmatic life when you come into the spaces she’s lovingly created. 

Use of affirmation & oracle decks, incense, sacred smoke, crystals, feathers, bells, singing bowls, sacred geometry and all other ‘new age’ spiritual practices may be present… Ironically enough, these practices are rooted in ancient and indigenous practices so it’s laughable that they’re in the “new age” category but alas, we digress. 

All this to say is lots of “woo woo” spiritual talk and practices will be covered and if your religious beliefs do not align with them, please either come with an open, non-judgemental mind and heart or refrain from attending because it’ll kill the vibe for other attendees. 

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