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Stress, boo... Jamaica, yay!

STRESS. We allllll know STRESS.

According to the American Psychological Association, “Stress is the physiological demand placed on the body when one must adapt, cope or adjust. It can be healthful and essential in keeping an individual alert; however, intense or prolonged stress can be overwhelming on the body.”

We hear about stress all the time, right? Whether it’s during a call with our bestie, seeing it play out at work, or feeling consumed by it ourselves- it’s a common experience we allllll share! While stress can help us to respond quickly and stay in a zone of optimal performance, the hard truth is that prolonged or chronic stress, can wreak havoc on our bodies, our relationships...everything!

According to the American Psychological Association, Chronic stress is defined as a “long term form of stress, derived from unending feelings of despair/hopelessness, as a result of factors such as poverty, family dysfunction, feelings of helplessness and/or traumatic early childhood experiences. Chronic stressors associated with health disparities include perceived discrimination, neighborhood stress, daily stress, family stress, acculturative stress, environmental stress and maternal stress.” Yea…that’s a LOT to unpack. If you’re brave, check out the whole article to see some not so shocking facts on “The Role of Chronic Stressors in Health Disparities Among Racial/Ethnic Groups”.

It’s TOTALLY understandable that most of us just want to focus on the task at hand and try to just do our best at life...

YES…. sometimes that means we “push through” the uncomfy feels and bypass them by focusing on things like work, family, and having a little fun in between.

So what happens to our bodies when we “push through” over and over…and over..and over..and over and over again?

Perfectionists, this is how you roll, right! I get it, recovering perfectionist here…

When you’re dedicated to a particular goal or commitment, pushing through is a way of LIFE for some of us. At times, it can give the illusion of max productivity & make us feel like we can handle anything!

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” was a silly saying I’d hear at work a lot. Or “Who needs water when you have Caffeine?”

But at what cost? A medically reviewed article written at titled “What Is the Impact of Prolonged Stress?” describes a slew of ways stress can affect all of our internal systems - starting with our mental health which leads to anxiety disorders, depression, and even schizophrenia or changes in our brain structure.

It also affects our cardiovascular system leading to things like high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack - which believe it or not, is the #1 killer in the United States. It even affects our respiratory, musculoskeletal, and gut health…and if you’ve been stressed enough you know it can literally make you feel sick to your stomach - instantly! This was something I struggled with when I experienced bullying in school. I would wake up filled with dread and so sick to my stomach I’d beg my mom to let me play hookie.

While stress is a part of life and it benefits us to have good stress resilience, stress can have its limits!

We’re not meant to be under constant stress.

We gotta make sure we have the best tools in our toolkit to help manage it.

We need to put on our big girl panties and make some difficult choices to cut out certain stressors from of our lives entirely - like ditch that soul sucking job, start new mindfulness habits, or cut ties with those folx who drain us and make us feel bad.

Let’s commit to focusing on managing our stress, protecting our PEACE and prioritizing our rest and recovery.

Sound good? DEAL!

We have created The Alchemy of Self Love Retreat as a safe space to dedicate yourself to a week long experience starting Monday July 31st to Saturday August 5th to recommit to yourself, your rest, and your healing.

We’ve created a container to compassionately hold space for your wholeness, your vulnerability, your pain, and any unresolved trauma, shame or fears.

Your time at this retreat will allow you the space & time to connect to your intuitive wisdom and find the resolve you need to start living more intentionally & aligned.

We’ll be in Jamaica Monday July 31st - Saturday August 5th but your transformation starts when you say YES!

Group coaching starts in mid-April to start the healing journey, and most importantly, to begin fostering openness and connection between us and the 9 women who'll be gathering in circle in Jamaica. Bonuses ended on 3/31 but if you're a part of my community I might do you a solid and extend those for you!

Instead of “pushing through” how can you be more PRESENT and slow down?

Something that my co-host and I have been working on for a combined 15+ years on our healing journeys is how to be more mindful of what we truly value. We’ve focused on slow living, taking deep breaths, responding more, and reacting WAY less. We’ve done our due diligence to understand WHY we're striving for success and achievement... which isn't inherently wrong... but we've really stopped & asked ourselves:

“What am I chasing? What am I trying to prove…and to whom?”

We connected to a soulful calling to help women just like you connect to your inner guidance to find balance, joy and put and end to the burnout cycle.

Stress is stressful and it can have serious long term effects, which we want to help you avoid.

We’ve traded in our high-end corporate jobs in the entertainment & banking industries to support womxn who are struggling in similar ways that we were.

If you’re drowning in high achieving, perfectionist and people pleasing cycles, or feel like you’ve lost sight of what is most important to you, we are here for you.

I invite you to connect to what is most important in your life...

Is it your JOY?

Is it your PEACE?

Is it making your family PROUD?

At the root of family pride, beyond material success, is that you’re truly happy, right?

So, what really matters to YOU??

Don’t wait to prioritize your REST and HEALTH!

Start TODAY.

Go back to basics when the overwhelm is high...

  • Take deep, slow breaths

  • Drink water when you’re thirsty

  • Rest when you’re tired

  • Eat when you’re hungry

Just please DON'T WAIT for your BODY to MAKE you slow down…which is what will happen if you continue to “push through” the tired, the overwhelm, or the feelings.

Give yourself permission to sloooow doooown.

Remember, REST is a necessary part of productivity.

Make time for yourself...

Meditate! This can be anything that helps you clear your mind like walking, showering, or even washing dishes or chopping veggies for dinner can be meditative. It doesn’t have to be a lotus pose.

Take a luxurious bath!

...and buy yourself the dang flowers, you deserve them!

Want to learn how this transformational event can support you in slowing down, and rewrite your story with rest and productivity? Please reach out!

We're here to support & love you!


Vero & Nicole

The Alchemy of Self Love Retreat

Co-Hosts & Co-Creators

* Copy written by Nicole Torres for The Alchemy Retreats

Connect with & get to know Nicole: @ouroboros.healing &

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