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Starting in Mid September '22

​Habit-based, workshop-centric, intimate group coaching will make your self-love practice EASY & CONSISTENT!

Do you end up picking fights with your partner, snapping at your kids, constantly feeling depleted, starting each day stressed out and anxious, ending the day like you didn’t get enough done, and then losing sleep because you’re overthinking? Do you find yourself having a short fuse with annoying people or situations? Do you constantly say YES to other people and end up regretting it later?

Stop missing out on a WELL LIVED LIFE and learn how to love yourself and invite more joy into your life! 

Vero has extracted the best, tried and true self-love practices and habits for this 6 month program because she's passionate about sharing the keys to living a better and happier life RIGHT NOW... Not when you make more $, buy a house, drop those pounds, find a partner or when you get that new job.   


Our intimate six month program will help you infuse your existing daily routine with POWERFUL self-love empowerment methods. Learn how to conveniently fill your cup throughout the day WITHOUT adding anything else to your schedule.

Over the course of six months you'll learn tiny habits and tools to navigate triggers and help you set boundaries to achieve self-love mastery that work with your lifestyle. We'll also include implementation weeks to let the new knowledge and habits "sink in" as you use your newfound knowledge in your real life. 


Phase 1: Understanding your triggers, your mind + emotions 😳

  • Theme: Awareness Precedes Change 🤯


Phase 2: Build habits to help you move from a disempowered to an empowered mindset 💪

  • Theme: Tiny Tweaks = Massive Change 🧬


Phase 3: Develop self-love standards 😍 that help you protect your energy and boundaries

  • Theme: Big Self Love 


Phase 4: Unlock personalized daily self-love practices that will change your life 🙌

  • Theme: Habit stacking to unlock more daily joy​

Stop blocking yourself from your epic greatness, say YES to self-love and joy. YOUR LONG TERM JOY IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT! BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW SIS!

The group coaching will include: 

🥳 Bi-Monthly (2x/month) live meet-ups, via Zoom for 1.5 hours for in-depth learning AND implementation - we will get sh*t done while we're together! 

😍 Built in accountability and check-ins to ensure you're actually doing what you said you were gonna do! Whaaat?! Yes! I got you! 

📓 Digital worksheets to track your progress and breakthroughs   

🥰 Building community with other women who are also in the same boat, we're going to cheer each other on and create long lasting change in our lives together! Woohoo!  🙌​

😎 The meetings will be recorded for those who can't attend live so no stress if you have to miss a session!

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