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What to do when in a procrastination rut? Plus, the cosmic energy for June 19-27, 2021

Start by keeping a lot of little promises to yourself every day. Start with Monday thru Friday but then expand it to the weekends as soon as you've mastered the stuff you want to do every single day.

Notice what you've stopped doing that usually starts a virtuous cycle in your day. I'd been feeling super stuck and overwhelmed lately with all the projects and things I want to get done so then I'd get analysis paralysis and literally not do anything at all! 😬

Well, the good news is that I started a tiny accountability group through my Instagram community that's been helping me do the minimum I need to take care of myself and progress my goals forward even when I don't feel like getting much done.

The little acts of self care I've been incorporating are:

  1. meditate - I've been practicing this super easy one that only takes about 5 minutes, message me if you want it! no app required

  2. journal - write what I remember of my dreams in my dream journal and/or 3 things I'm grateful for, as a minimum... but on good days I spend quite a bit of time reflecting on where I want to go and whats holding me back... spoiler alert, it's me holding me back 😅 via limiting beliefs or imposter syndrome

  3. read 10 pages of a book that's been on my nightstand

  4. STOP eating after 9pm

The group is only on its second week so I'll keep y'all posted on further progress. Everyone else involved is also feeling a lot more productive and accomplished too! We've grown from two people to five so we moved the group chat to instagram to allow for international folks to join as well. Other people are focusing on meditating, spending time with their kids every morning, working out, studying and staying off social media after 9pm.

Let me know if you'd like to join us. I'm not in it as a life coach, just as a normal person trying to propel myself forward when the motivation is not there since we all cheer each other on. Just the thought of having to report that I ate after 9pm last night kept me from doing it!

OKAY now for the cosmic energy update to help us plan for the next week or so! Mark your calendars because it's PACKED for the next eight days.

By way of reminder, the source for this is the Astrological Planner by Magic of I and the full set of definitions are on my blog post from November 20, 2020, here's the link: If it doesn't work just scroll down to the November 20, 2020 post, sometimes it just goes to my website home page 🙄

Saturday June 19: Love It Up (+) (-)

Love It Up: (+) Connection elixir, sexy lover times, sploosh indulging, union buzz, relational healing and rapport building, self nourishment, pleasure, beauty and aesthetics, sensual flowing materials and new outfits. Eat that chocolate and enjoy it. (-) Can be challenging for closed hearts & harsh conditions.

Sunday June 20 Happy Summer Solstice!: Turns to Gold & Go With The Flow

Turns to Gold: (+) Expansion and luck, big growth, joy and adventure, good for taking a chance, fun, using optimism magic, learning something new, spiritual highs and things you really enjoy. (-) Can be challenging for over indulgence, focusing on and amplifying negative vibes.

Go With the Flow: (+) May be intense astro in the heavens, surrender and go with it, stay in the heart, be aware of conflict provoking and shadow projections. Understanding creates compassion, presence is key. Can be a good time for healing and growth. (-) Can be challenging for feeling of overwhelm, triggered by everything, being angry for no reason and thinking you’re crazy.

Monday June 21: Love It Up & Psychic Days

See above for Love It Up definition.

Psychic Days: (+) Quantum creativity, intuitive insights, right brain activation, magic and flow, dreamy days, feeling beyond the senses, walking in the dream realms, connection to the Great Mystery. Just being. (-) Can be challenging for idealism traps, non-reality, escapism, over-indulgence & work as usual.

Tuesday June 22: Turns to Gold - (note the emphasis on the - !)

(+) Expansion and luck, big growth, joy and adventure, good for taking a chance, fun, using optimism magic, learning something new, spiritual highs and things you really enjoy. (-) Can be challenging for over indulgence, focusing on and amplifying negative vibes.

Wednesday June 23: Diamond Mind (-) & Turns To Gold (+)

Diamond Mind: (+) Intellectual sass, mental clarity, hyper communication, organization skills, caffeine for curiosity and quick learning, conscious channeling with the information gods on your side. (-) Can be challenging for flighty, scattered attention, miscommunication, and jumping to conclusions.

See above for Turns to Gold, note the emphasis on the + !

Thursday June 24: Goals

Goal$: (+) Business whiz, $$ making, ambition and planning, checking your integrity, aligning your timing, setting goals and laying foundations, doing the work, smudging your boundaries, existential awareness and reviewing life lessons. (-) Can be challenging for feelings of existential crisis and hard lessons.

Friday June 25: Shadowy Deep

Shadowy Deep: (+) Access to our subterranean inner depths, things can bubble to the surface, good for digging into our shadows, underworld exploration for transformation, and awareness of duality. (-) Can be challenging for its intensity, if ignored, suppressed and unexpected.

Saturday June 26: Shadowy Deep

See above for Shadowy Deep

Sunday June 27: Goals & Diamond Mind

See above for Goals and Diamond Mind definitions

Alrighty everyone, that's it for this week's cosmic energy update and tips on how to get out of a procrastination rut! Let me know if you found this helpful, if you'd like to join us and how you're livin' - I'm here for you as a friend and life coach!

PS: I'm looking to add two more 1x1 life coaching clients to my practice, please share my information with anyone in your circle looking for support in their personal transformation or transition!

Thank you in advance for your support of my small business!

Hugs, Vero M. Estrada

Certified Virtual Life Coach



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