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Disclaimers & Guarantees


By visiting and purchasing from this website you agree and understand that Veronica Estrada dba Big Dream Consulting ("Company") is not providing the professional services of an attorney, accountant, financial planner, therapist or any other kind of licensed or certified professional.

Veronica Estrada dba Big Dream Consulting is NOT legally held responsible for any life decisions, financial losses, health decisions or any personal decisions made after any of our sessions together or based on any blog posts, social media posts, direct messages, text messages or any direct or indirect communication. 


Company does not make any guarantees as to the website visitor or client's personal results of any services provided. You agree to take responsibility for your own results.

Every client and final result is different.

Life coaching and/or consulting is a subjective service and Company may give different information to each Client depending on his/her personal and relational needs.

You are responsible for any and all decisions that you make that affect and impact your life. 

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